Rectal Condition Care in Portland, OR

Rectal Conditions
Prevent future health risks
Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic offers the highest quality and most experienced treatment for hemorrhoidal and rectal conditions throughout the entire west coast. Patients have traveled great distances for our services. This is because we do our best to educate, treat and prevent further conditions from happening. Most adults have hemorrhoids without really knowing what they are and how harmful they can be. As hemorrhoids occur, so do many other rectal conditions, and vice versa.
Rectal conditions we treat include

- Caused by cuts, abrasions, bruises or anything outside entering into the soft tissues of the buttocks by penetrating the skin, an abscess usually begins with tender swelling near the anal opening. When left untreated, heat, redness and a dull steady ache later becomes a throbbing pain.

Anal Fissure
- Usually caused by the presence of hemorrhoids, these slit-like ulcers are located just within the anal opening, resembling a tear or crack in the skin. A burning, unbearable pain after bowel movements, anal fissures can become chronic if left untreated.

- A fistula is a tube filled with pus. An abscess almost always precedes a fistula. As this happens, all of the typical symptoms of pain, swelling, heat and redness occur. When the abscess breaks, the pus and pain diminish, leaving the patient feeling as if their troubles are gone.

Papilla - Very small cone-shaped injections. Found protruding from an encircling ring at the upper end of the anal canal, papillas are about half the size of a match-head and their presence is unknown and unfelt by the individual.

Prolapsus - Ranked as the second most common rectal disease, prolapsus is an enlarged and advanced case of chronic hemorrhoids. When your blood vessels become swollen, the lining of the rectum forms a thick ring, surrounding the inside of the lower part of the rectum.

- "Itching Piles" Without a doubt, the most tormenting of all rectal disease and the most difficult to treat. There is hardly any relief from the agonizing pain that the itching causes. Many diseases such as hemorrhoids, skin tabs and anal fissures, as well as food allergies may cause Pruritus.

Skin tags
- Skin tags are the shapeless lumps and flaps of skin around the anal opening that cause swelling and acute pain. If left untreated, tags will become incredibly inflamed, sore and itchy. However, the pain usually diminishes, leaving patients to think the problem is gone. Most commonly mistaken for a hemorrhoid, skin tags occur when there is some other type of rectal condition, such as: papilla, thrombosis, hemorrhoids, etc.

Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services. Whatever your rectal condition, we will provide you with the comfort and relief that you seek at prices you can afford.