Internal Hemorrhoid Care in Portland, OR


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Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic provides patients throughout Portland, OR with the most professional care for their most uncomfortable needs. Specializing in the non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, we provide superior service to our patients by educating and treating common and severe rectal conditions. Internal hemorrhoids are dangerous because they occur higher up in the anal canal, leaving them unnoticed. When straining to remove your bowels or left untreated, an internal hemorrhoid may come through the anal opening. This is called a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid.

What to check for with internal hemorrhoid

Internal Hemorrhoid Symptoms:
• Itching
• Bleeding
• Internal pressure sensation
Internal Hemorrhoid
Prolapsed Internal Hemorrhoids
Often difficult to ease back into the rectum, and usually causes severe pain.
Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services. Whatever your rectal condition, we will provide you with the comfort and relief that you seek at prices you can afford.