Surgical Procedures in Portland, OR

Our surgical treatments
At the Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic, we provide painless surgical procedures for our patients throughout Portland, OR and the West Coast. We provide superior service to our patients by providing you with the comfort you need to live a happy life. Our 40 years of combined professional experience and our commitment to the comfort and happiness of our patients has given us the reputation as the most reliable health care clinic on the west coast. We perform surgery on the simplest cases to the most chronic.
• Fissurectomies
• Fistulectomies
• Papillectomy
• Skin tag removals
A message from one of our previous clients
"I woke up one morning with some pain in the rectal area and realized I had a good-sized hemorrhoid coming out of the rectal area. This really freaked me out. It was painful and was a constant irritant. I was not able to concentrate and felt physically weak. I arrived at the Sandy Blvd Clinic East and Dr. Brett Hubbard quickly diagnosed my problem. It turns out I had about 8 hemorrhoids and 2 swollen papilla that needed to be removed. The doctor did one treatment per day that lasted about 20 minutes. The only pain was caused by my fissure. Thank the Lord. Dr Brett was great to work with and all the staff at the clinic were very sweet." - Former Patient