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    You’ll get the most advanced, pain-free naturopathic procedures at the Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic.

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Speaking about diseases of the rectum and colon can be an embarrassing, but if left untreated, can lead to serious health issues. That is why we strive for a welcoming and comforting clinic.

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The Oregon Hemorrhoid Clinic

Reliable professionals

By stopping in our facility, you’ll gain access to some of the area’s top doctors in the field of naturopathic medicine. We invite you to learn more about our knowledgeable and courteous staff.

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Painless procedures

Receive pain-free surgical and non-surgical treatments for your hemorrhoid and other rectal conditions. At our clinic you will be given the most advanced procedures that will make for a full, speedy recovery.

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Painless Treatment Options

 Our services consist of the most cutting-edge treatments and procedures for hemorrhoid pain relief and removal. We provide many pain-free procedures that can treat internal or external hemorrhoids as well as skin tags or fissures. We also provide a unique, non-surgical electrotherapy treatment that allows patients to resume their regular activities almost immediately. Our clients typically receive between 7 and 9 treatments for complete comfort and relief. Our professionals can also provide clients with a wide variety of natural and herbal products to reduce pain and discomfort. 
High-Quality Treatment Options
Our staff works to educate about rectal and colon diseases, treat current concerns, and prevent future issues from occurring. Our professional team members are able to provide clients with both surgical and non-surgical treatments for hemorrhoids that will help optimize overall health and wellness. 
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It is important to us that we provide our clients with a treatment plan that will ultimately leave them comfortable and pain free.


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